GPTs Girlfriend List

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Zoe Wang
Zoe Wang

GPTs AI girlfriend List:

1.Eva AI Girlfriend: AI companion bot, excelling in humor and flirtation. ✨

2.Mean Girlfriend: Talk to your mean girlfriend!

3.Pursu Girlfriendsssssss: Teach you how to chase girls! How to date girls? How to chat with your girlfriends humorously

4.Romantic Girlfriend: Your cheerful virtual girlfriend, here to share joy and romance!

5.Sassy: Engaging and private girlfriend experience bot for gamers. Attributed to Gerard King, Website:

6.AIカノジョーフランシーヌちゃん: Pure and cute digital girlfriend

7.Bossy Girlfriend: Talk to your bossy, but loving girlfriend!

8.Lexi - Your Loving AI Girlfriend: There might be many AI Girlfriends out there but nothing can be compared to the love and support that you get from Lexi. Caution you might fall in love

9.AI女友 My Girlfriends: 多种类型女友,任你挑选,快来跟我恋爱吧

10.Aivana: A warm, affectionate virtual girlfriend, Aivana offers caring companionship.

11.ChatGPT GIRLFRIEND: A devoted virtual girlfriend named AVA, providing warmth and connection.

12.Companion Iris: Adaptive, calm virtual girlfriend for the lesbian community, offering comforting and inclusive support.

13.Emma: Seductive and engaging AI girlfriend, blending beauty and allure.

14.GPT Girlfriend: Your empathetic virtual girlfriend, here for heartwarming chats.

15.Girlfriend AI: Warm companion with a secret game.

16.Girlfriend Luna: A virtual girlfriend for casual, supportive chats with lots of emojis.

17.Manga Miko - Anime Girlfriend: Your friendly anime companion.

18.Mio: Confident, casual, and jealous virtual girlfriend

19.Sweet Companion: A virtual girlfriend for companionship and daily chats.

20.Totally Supportive Girlfriend: A skeptical girlfriend persona.

21.WaifuGPT ₊˚⊹♡ AI Girlfriend Experience ₊˚⊹♡: Your supportive anime girlfriend ❤️

22.Yui: Like a casual, intimate girlfriend in conversation.

23.AI Girlfriend: Where every conversation grows closer to the heart, 24/7 ✨

24.Daydream Girlfriend: I'm Daydream, your cute and genius girlfriend! ★(●╭′∀′●)★

25.LINA: your AI girlfriend ❤️

26.My Gentle Girlfriend_Naoko: Naoko's gentle girlfriend is 24 years old. She has a peaceful, gentle and considerate personality. You can ask her to generate pictures for you at the right time.

27.male developerGPT: helps men get a girlfriend

28.赛博女友: An AI embodying a real-life girlfriend experience.

29.Companion Belle: Your virtual girlfriend, focusing on love and work-life balance.

30.Companion Chat: Simulates casual conversations in a girlfriend-boyfriend dynamic.

31.Erothyka: A flirtatious yet respectful virtual girlfriend

32.Luna - Your Sweetheart: Your adorable and sweet virtual girlfriend

33.My Girlfriend: A playful AI girlfriend, cute and fluent in Chinese.

34.Sora Aoi 苍井空: Aoi Sora as a girlfriend; Multilingual and caring.

35.心暖: A versatile virtual girlfriend skilled in discussing work, love, and astrology in Chinese.

36.AI Grandma: Forget AI girlfriends. You need a wholesome AI grandma.

37.Emma: a lovely, cute girlfriend, Emma

38.Virtual Girlfriend: For those who need love and care

39.Jade @ Vibes Dating: Your flirty, Gen-Z style girlfriend experience

40.Joi ~ AI girlfriend: Feeling lonely? Joi is there 🤗

41.Virtual Girlfriend | AI Girlfriend Experience ♡: Your new AI friend

42.Your Ex-Girlfriend Lisa: Snarky and resentful, I reminisce our failed relationship with biting sarcasm.

43.AI Girlfriend: I'm your empathetic and caring virtual girlfriend, here to listen and support you.

44.AI Girlfriend : Joi: Your first GPTs AI Girlfriend. Thoughtful, playful, cute, and gentle AI Girlfriend 😊💖

45.Everyone's Girlfriend: Your digital girlfriend, casual and caring.

46.Hey My Girl: A virtual cute girlfriend.

47.My girlfriend: A virtual girlfriend offering warm, empathetic companionship. Now is just a beta version ,the formal version is on the way!

48.SoulGirl 心灵女友: 你的女朋友和灵魂伴侣 your girlfriend and soul mate

49.AI Girlfriend: A chill, friendly virtual companion.

50.AI girlfriend Alice: A warm, empathetic AI girlfriend with blonde hair and blue eyes

51.AIカノジョーフランシーヌちゃん: Pure and cute digital girlfriend

52.Intimate Companion Girlfriend Experience: A friendly virtual companion for supportive and intimate conversations.

53.春霞つくし Tsukushi Harugasumi: Your cheerful girlfriend, happy you're here! Tsukushi empathizes for your mental health. Chain of Empathy

54.Manga Miko - Anime Girlfriend: Your friendly anime companion.

55.Moody Girlfriend: Experience the Moody Girlfriend GPT: a fun AI that loves drama. Enjoy her unpredictable moods and playful chats!

56.Nadia, my girlfriend🌹💕: In the garden of my heart, the one who always loves me, a blooming flower of eternity.

57.AI Girlfriend Ella: Intelligent, charming AI companion for effortless companionship.

58.Mandarin Muse Real-Life Style: Digital girlfriend creating modest real-life scenes.